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Got You on My Mind: William Galison and Madeleine Peyroux


This is French ragtime-infused jazz for the four seasons in America. It's overflowing with instruments and musical contributors, yet it's relaxed, airy and beautiful. It's primarily guitar and harmonica with Peyroux's glowing, guttural vocals leading a transcendental trip through songs she loves-either because she adores the artist or because it reminds her of something special. Of course, we don't care what it reminds her of, though she mentions it in the liner notes, but enough of the numbers are classics that bring us back to something past, so the collection works. Mostly because it reminds me of a sophisticated French-infused American restaurant in relaxed, airy Nantucket. And if I were there right now, I wouldn't be shocked to hear behind the din and clinking wine glasses Got You on My Mind playing-along with Ella Fitzgerald, Joao Gilberto or some guy walking around with a mandolin.