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Got Fixed? Mobile Bike Repair

On-the-go repair for your two-wheeled ride


After leaving his post as lead mechanic at Boise Bicycle Project, Andrew Little launched Got Fixed?, a new mobile bike repair service. But while we-come-to-you bike repair isn't new in the Treasure Valley, Little practices what he preaches--he trucks his tools around on two wheels.

"I haven't owned a car in five years," he said.

Little has tricked out his personal steed with a trailer full of tools and painting supplies, even a special rig that allows him to pull up to three bikes behind his own.

"If I'm carrying a full set of tools on my bike, it will weigh 80 pounds," Little said. "I've carried up to almost 200 pounds at one time. It's difficult to walk, but once you get up on the bike, it's easier to ride."

Little offers bike painting, including pinstriping, alongside full-service bike repair and the occasional run to pick up a bike a tipsy customer left at a downtown venue. He said it's not uncommon for a group to call him to work on all of its bikes at once.

In addition to affording him the opportunity to do what he loves, Little said his method is also practical.

"It gives you advantages. Say somebody broke down on a trail up in the Foothills, you could go fix a bike up there. Your response time is generally faster than other people who are mobile," Little said.