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Got Bikeway?

Kirstin Armstrong honored with trail


Got Bikeway?

Sure, plenty of people have buildings, chunks of roads or even schools named after them, but how many have their very own bikeway? Well, if you happen to be Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist Kristin Armstrong, you have one.

On Nov. 12, Boise Mayor Dave Bieter announced that an eight-mile stretch of Bogus Basin Road will be named in honor of the hometown athlete (and part-time chocolate milk proponent), who used the twisting uphill climb as part of her training regime before the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

And while there will be signs officially marking the Kristin Armstrong Bikeway--beginning at Curling Drive near Highlands Elementary and running to the Ada County line--the official name of Bogus Basin Road will not change, nor will street signs or addresses along the route.

So, while you can't live on Kristin Armstrong Bikeway, you can proudly point to the honorary signs--well, after they go up this spring, at least.