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Google Science Journal

Turn your smartphone into a mobile laboratory


Experiment kits are usually designed to appeal to kids, so a full-grown person might feel silly buying one in a toy store. With a new app from Google, anyone with an Android device can nerd out in privacy.

Developed as part of Google's Making and Science initiative, Google Science Journal, turns a mobile smartphone into a mobile lab, and using the phone's existing sensors, the app lets users "organize ideas into projects, make predictions, take notes and collect data in multiple trials, then annotate and explore results." Google partnered with Exploratorium, the San Francisco-based "museum of science, art and human perception" to offer a slew of relatively inexpensive external kits filled with sensors, controllers and craft supplies. Grab a kit—or just use items found around the house—and connect an Arduino component (Arduino is an "open-source electronic prototyping platform for creating interactive electronic objects") to the phone and an addiction to "Angry Birds" may give way to hypothesizing and logging computations on the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow. Find project ideas and more information at