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Good Riddance 2016



Dear Minerva,

2016 seems to have been a year of great pain and sorrow for many. Now that it is ending, how do we make 2017 better? I don't want this abomination of a year to bleed into 2017.

—Bitter Harvest

Dear Bitter,

I agree: 2016 has felt like one of the worst years in recent history. I'm not sad to see it go and I hope it doesn't let the door hit it where the good Lord split it as it exits. There were great losses to so many people, including to the world collectively. Not only that, but there was a deterioration in kindness and politeness to one another in 2016 that should leave many feeling ashamed. It has been a cruel year. How do we stop it from continuing into 2017? First, we must be mindful of what we say. Are our words kind and helpful or are they cruel and critical? Are we lifting up each other or pushing one another into the mud? Are we taking the high road or stabbing our brothers and sisters in the back while skulking in the alleyways of jealousy and greed? If we want to improve our lives, we must start with how we treat each other. Second, we must think about solutions. We know what our problems are. How do we fix them? If we come to the table with a solution instead of a complaint, we are bound to be successful. Good riddance, 2016. 2017, hello gorgeous!

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