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Good Luck Chuck


I'm not sure Good Luck Chuck, starring Dane Cook (Employee of the Month) in the title role, is a proper name for this film. The previews led me to believe that female lead Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four) was a little accident prone and her new love interest, Cook, was in real danger as a result: Hence, Chuck might require some good luck.

But it turns out that, as a boy, Chuck had a Wiccan hex put on him that makes every girl he dates find her soul mate immediately after breaking up with him. Chuck doesn't need good luck; Chuck is good luck. And as a result, when his secret gets out, women start throwing themselves at him. So much so that, by the middle of the film, it becomes a lot like a porno. Nice Rack, Jack would've been more appropriate.

Close your eyes during the repeated shots of breasts and Kama Sutra-like creative sexual positioning, and you've got a fairly standard, borderline-funny comedy. Neither of the stars acts particularly well, but with Alba and Cook, it's silly to expect Oscar hype. Alba's a looker and Cook's a jokester, period. Dan Fogler (Balls of Fury) is a bit over-the-top as Chuck's pal, but he somehow manages a Seinfeldian Costanza-Kramer hybrid. Comedian Robert Kelly, whose bit role as a snarky security guard is a mere minute long, steals his only scene.

The only real setting in which this movie might be a hit is at a guy's night in for 20-somethings. For most viewers, the sex will be too gratuitous and the laughs aren't quite enough.