Good Evening, Ken

Musician Ken Stringfellow hits Boise Friday, Nov. 1


Prolific and striking, raven-tressed Ken Stringfellow has been contributing his talents to the global music scene for over a quarter of a century. Whether in his own band The Posies, or collaboratively with the regal likes of R.E.M. and cult band Big Star, he has an impressive body of work, including four solo albums, one of which, Touched, is the focus of this 2019 solo tour. Fatefully released on Sept. 11, 2001, Touched deals with a variety of emotions and issues that are as valid today as they were when the album was originally released, if not more so in our current state of harsh realities with new brands of fear, isolation, disillusionment and definitions of home. His atmospheric music, and reflective and raw lyrics combine for a beautiful, blossoming experience as touching as it is listenable. Don't expect him to hit the stage of a run-of-the-mill venue during his visit to Boise, either: This intimate show will be held at a private residence, with the address being emailed to ticket holders the day of the concert. Stringfellow is actively promoting non-traditional spaces for this tour, such as this house show, and even some secret shows, allowing attendees to experience another side of an artist who has appeared on over 250 albums and played with many of the musical icons of our time. Expect a fun and surprising show, blending not only great music, but also stories about his inspiration for Touched, tales from his tours and a look inside this very private artist's life, all accompanied by a "real piano" and even realer messages. The show is all-ages with a donation-based bar for attendees of legal drinking age. Stringfellow, with his depth and talent for capturing the moment, promises a show that is both easy on the ears and on the eyes.