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Good Charlotte

Friday, Nov. 16, Revolution Concert House


Here's the scene: Five kids from suburban Washington, D.C., high on Hot Pockets and Saturday morning cartoons, ride their skateboards over to a friend's house after hearing the latest from Green Day, intent on starting their own garage band. Five years later, they hit the jackpot, cutting a self-titled album, Good Charlotte (Epic Records/Daylight Records, 2000). The critical reception is, frankly, dismal; but a second album on the same labels, The Young and the Hopeless (2002), goes triple platinum. Now, Good Charlotte is on tour promoting its latest album, Generation Rx (BMG Rights Management, 2018), and will perform at Revolution Concert House in Garden City. Whether Good Charlotte's lyrics are stitched-together cliches (they are) is beside the point. The band is going to put on one hell of a show—so jump to the music like it's 2003.

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