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Good boy, Bad Boy


The canine apologists in the BW office (namely, Collias) are quick to point out that the Bull Terrier isn't a bad dog breed in and of itself. Chow Chows and Shar Peis, they (he) say, are just as aggressive historically, and don't receive half the bad press. But there can be little doubt that when Spuds and his buds get a bug up their collective butts, they have the potential to do some serious ass-chomping.

The latest such case occurred on the Boise bench last Wednesday, when officers received a call from a citizen trapped in his car by a pair of aggressive Pit Bulls. Upon arriving at the scene, the responding officer was also chased back into his patrol car by the dogs (whether he cried out "Yipe! Yipe! Yipe!" has not been announced). Following the arrival of a patrol sergeant, the two officers used their cruisers to corral the beasts in an alley off of Gourley Street and wait for Animal Control. However, when a neighbor stepped outside to move a sprinkler, the dogs charged again (this time, we're pretty sure somebody said "Yipe."). One of the dogs was shot and killed by the seargeant, while the other ran away to its owner, who may face criminal charges.