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Golden Dragon Acrobats

Tuesday, March 8, at College of Idaho


Kick, spin, bend, smile. Though this could be a description of a Friday night at The Torch, it's also what you can expect watching a performance of the far more G-rated Golden Dragon Acrobats.

Usually a gaggle of gals arching their backs until their heads touch their ankles describes a different type of entertainment, but the nimble Golden Dragon Acrobats combine contortionism, extreme balance, umbrella spinning and numerous stunts the human body shouldn't be able to do.

Most people can barely stand on one leg long enough to complete a game of Twister, let alone balance their entire body on someone's shoulder, with only the tips of their toes for support. This is just one of the acts that will be showcased during the company's two Idaho performances.

Based out of Dallas, the Golden Dragon Acrobats have been touring the United States for 33 consecutive years. Consisting of 25 awe-inspiring performers, the company has traveled and performed extensively throughout the world.

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