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Going Organic


When it comes to beer, going organic is more about earth friendly agriculture than it is about taste. Organic agriculture is sustainable agriculture that does not pollute the soil and water with chemical poisons. If you call this earth your home, then that should be enough to make you want to try organic microbrews. Here are a few available around Boise:

Butte Creek Brewing Company

Based out of Chico, California, Butte Creek offers organic brews in addition to their regular line up. Light gold in color, their Organic Ale offers a fairly aggressive hop attack more in keeping with an IPA. The malt flavors are soft with a touch of citrus on the lightly bitter finish. Their Organic Porter opens with sweet malt flavors, matched by dark coffee and light toffee, and finishing with a slightly sour note.

Eel River Brewing Company

Built on the riverbank site of the historic Clay Brown Redwood Mill, Eel River brews four different organics. Their Extra Pale Ale makes a great segue for those used to lighter styled industrial beers--a nice, crisp brew, lightly hopped with a clean finish. The IPA is a fairly mild version of the style, with a smooth hop bitterness matching mellow malt and citrus. Toasted malt flavors and caramel highlight their Amber Ale, with soft hops coming through on the finish. Their Porter displays a nice balance between the sweet and smoky malt flavors up front and the bitter hops that come through on the finish. Dry in style like the Butte Creek, but a little fuller and richer in the mouth.

Wolaver's Certified Organic Ales

Located in Middlebury, Vermont, Wolaver's is the number one organic beer in the country. Their Pale Ale is rich and creamy, opening with smooth malt flavors and finishing with dry hops--a crisp, clean, refreshing brew. The India Pale Ale is a classic IPA, with the emphasis on crisp hops, lightly bitter, but very present. Dark amber in color, the Brown Ale is soft and creamy with rich malt flavors, touches of chocolate, caramel and cherry, a nice hop bite in the middle, and a soft, smooth finish. Toasted malt and dark coffee flavors dominate their Oatmeal Stout, a big, complex brew with hints of mocha on the finish.