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Going Depp

Johnny tops Boise DVD faves in The Rum Diary at Redbox kiosks.


Maybe it's the alcohol. Possibly it's the lush Puerto Rican locales. Most likely it's Johnny Depp. Treasure Valley Redbox renters made The Rum Diary their No. 1 DVD choice at the movie-in-a-box kiosks for the week ending Feb. 26. This time, Depp finds trouble in paradise (but without a pirate costume) as a rum-loving reporter. Even though the movie didn't intoxicate critics when it hit the big screen, it's a hit in the DVD marketplace.

[ Video is no longer available. ]

Fans of the supernatural made the vampire-werewolf-human triangle Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I the No. 2 pick for the week.

Shrek-spinoff Puss in Boots captured the No. 3 spot, with Hugh Jackman's Real Steel and Ryan Gosling's Drive completing the Redbox Top 5 rentals.

If Rum Diaries is sold out (and that's a definite possibility), and you absolutely have to scratch your Depp itch (and don't mind just listening to his voice), definitely check out Rango, which won the Oscar as 2011's Best Animated Feature.