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Don't take life sitting down


If you haven't found the perfect gift for that special lady in your life, we have a suggestion. Consider giving her freedom and liberation with a simple piece of medical-grade silicone: the GoGirl, a pink funnel that allows women to urinate standing up.

Wait, wait. You might be thinking, "Ewww," but stay with us. It's actually not as gross as you might think.

The GoGirl is great for a day on the slopes as an alternative to trekking back to the lodge, peeling off gear, fumbling with gloves, and pulling down layers of snow pants and long underwear in a public bathroom.

Many a woman has spent an agonizing night tossing and turning in a tent, trying to decide if it's worth it to crawl out of a warm sleeping bag and stumble around looking for a bush or tree to squat behind. The best part about having the GoGirl on a camping trip is minimizing the risk of hunching down and encountering poison ivy or stinging nettles.

The GoGirl--also known as the Lady J, the "shenis" or the Female Urination Device--is ideal for climbing Mount Denali or a long road trip, and it's easy to clean with just soap and water.

With its discreet travel tube, the GoGirl could be the perfect stocking stuffer or a funny but practical white elephant gift idea.

Some women like jewelry. Others just want to pee in the woods.