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God's County


Apparently, a new group is getting ready to step up and fill the void in Idaho's wack-job landscape that came with the departure of Richard Butler and the Aryan Nations.

According to the Emmett Messenger Index, the Southern-based group Christian Exodus, has announced the possibility of a mass migration to Gem County.

The group, which believes in a literal interpretation of the Constitution guided by what it calls "God's law," is working with Emmett resident Pro-Life (who formally changed his name from Marvin Richardson) to look at the possibility of a move.

"We no longer live in a Christian country," the Messenger Index quotes group member Paul Smith. "We are obligated to govern ourselves according to God's law. We've come to the conclusion we are not governed by God's law. We are establishing small communities to establish government according to God's law,"

The group had previously called for members to move to South Carolina in an effort to gain political influence.

According to the Anderson Independent-Mail, in Anderson, S.C., the group's ultimate goal was to force the federal government to increase states rights or to secede.

The group's newsletter states the move to South Carolina was called off "due to commitments to extended family or other reasons."