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God-Des and SHe

Big Easy, Friday, June 9


Ever wondered what it would be like to be a white, female, gay, Jewish rapper in Madison, Wisconsin? No? Well, God-Des--one half of the lesbian hip-hop duo God-Des and SHe--didn't have to wonder. She lived it. Apparently it wasn't much fun, because in 2004, she and SHe packed up and moved to New York City.

Since living in the Big Apple, God-Des and SHe have shared the stage with major players like Slick Rick and MC Lyte and have recently had commercial success with a video on LOGO (MTV's lesbian/gay music channel). Their song "Lick It" was featured on the season finale of The L Word, a Showtime drama about the lives and loves of lesbians.

God-Des is an androgynously beautiful woman who, according to her bio, has been "rhyming for over 10 years," and has been featured in at least two documentary films: Hip-Hop Homos, and Pick Up the Mic, films dealing with queer hip-hop. While popular with gay fans, God-Des' music appeals to heteros as well, with lyrics that are smart and delivery that is tough and vulnerable at the same time.

SHe is a sultry woman with a voice to match. Her singing style is soulful and playful and an interesting blend with God-Des' sometimes rapid-fire raps. SHe's harmonic vocals add depth and layers to the duo's songs be they political, satirical or explicit (like "Lick It").

God-Des and SHe are making a special appearance in Boise for our PRIDE celebrations as this show is sandwiched between two New York shows. Before the show, you can check out their sound at (and also see the video for "Love You Better"),

Friday, June 9, 9 p.m., with Bois of Boise and Kritik, $15, Big Easy, 416 S. 9th St.

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