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Go Insane With Lindsey Buckingham

Monday, Sept. 12, Egyptian


Certain artists are able to bridge that culture gap from classic to current and stay relevant for their entire career. It's not because their audience refuses to accept the signs of aging but because those artists, such as Lindsey Buckingham, were incredible to begin with and have only gotten better with age.

Buckingham is still a master axe man. Watching his fingers dance across the strings in songs like 1987's "Big Love" in 2011 is seeing a flesh-and-blood example of how nature and nurture work together. He has been playing the song for years so he certainly has the muscle memory for it, but the effortlessness with which he delivers riffs seems to come from a place born not just of practice. Buckingham will always be a part of Fleetwood Mac's story, but he has also firmly established his own line in the ledgers as he continues to perform, tour and record. His sixth solo album, Seeds We Sow (Buckingham Records), dropped on Sept. 6.