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Glow Yoga

Friday, Nov. 15


Sage Yoga and Wellness celebrates its third anniversary with an hour and a half of some of the glitziest yoga poses you'll ever see. Marisa Weppner will help channel your vinyasa flow as you stretch, breathe and bend through the night. Participants are encouraged to wear neon and white apparel to help make the studio glow, and black light paint will be provided to heighten the luminous effect. If paint and sun salutations aren't enough, DJ IGA will provide some musical styling to immerse your senses in a current of funk, new wave and electronica. Winner of the Best Local Yoga instructor title in Boise Weekly's 2013 Best of Boise, Weppner provides a supportive and grounding environment that will push your body to its limits and safely expand your sense of self. This event is open to individuals of all abilities; so whether can't touch your toes or if you're flexible enough to lick your own elbow (not sure if that's something to strive for in yoga), you'll be welcomed with open arms and some downward dogs. Limited space within Sage makes Glow Yoga open only to the first 30 registered guests, so make sure you sign up well in advance and start practicing standing on one leg.