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Give Your Upper Lip a Holiday Makeover With This Silly 'Stache

Candy Cane Faux Lip Hair Makes For Some Ho-Ho-Holiday Fun


From the company that brought us the inflatable fruitcake, crime scene sandwich bags and bacon candy canes comes the life-of-the-party Holiday Mustache.

Seattle-based Archie McPhee, dubbed one of Seattle's top 10 weird destinations, introduces too-weird-to-be-true stocking stuffers each holiday season. Other items have included bacon ornaments, squirrel underpants, stuffed latex penguins, mac 'n' cheese air fresheners, inflatable meatloaf, bubble gum cocktail weenies and decorative sausage tape. (McPhee's is a one-stop online shop for the meat fetishist.)

The 'stache retails online for $4.95, but BW spotted one for the stocking stuffer-friendly price of $2.99 at Boise's Record Exchange. You need only to remove the adhesive strip on the back of the Holiday Mustache, press it to your upper lip and prepare for hours of red-and-white awesomeness.

"Your prized Christmas sweater needs one special accessory," promises McPhee. "And that's a festive red and white candy cane-striped mustache made of lifelike, synthetic hair."

Check out the photos of the BW newsroom modeling the Holiday Mustache in mug-shot fashion. True to its promise, the 'stache "fits most human and elf upper lips."