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Girl in a Coma Comes to Boise

Saturday, Nov.26 at Neurolux


San Antonio, Texas' Girl in a Coma formed in a junior-high art class. A few years later, still ineligible to saddle up to a bar, the power trio signed to Joan Jett's Blackheart Records and released its first full-length album, Both Before I'm Gone (2007). To date, the band has released four records and toured with the likes of Morrissey (Girl in a Coma took its name from The Smiths' popular song of the same name), Frank Black, Tegan and Sara, and Social Distortion.

Girl in a Coma released its latest album, Exits & All the Rest, in October. Here, the band refines its signature classic rockabilly, rock- and punk-infused riffs with a set of 11 solid pop songs. NPR called it "Sharper than ever [with] a spirit of rock 'n' roll abandon," and labeled it the band's best album yet.

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