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Gino's Grill

Then the other ...


To really leave a lasting impression in this day and age of hustle 'n' bustle, eat 'n' run dining, says a lot about a restaurant. Experiencing Gino's Grill without much preconceived thought last Thursday night was, to say the least, impressive.

The first stand-apart feature of Gino's is the excellent unparalleled service. Greeted by a very friendly, very Italian-demeanored server who escorted Mama Parsons and I to our table, we were soon greeted again by our waiter, Casey, who expertly recited a long list of the night's featured entrées. Suckers for being shepherded into a purchase, we both chose one of the features: I settled on the veal with risotto and she opted for the less daunting butternut squash ravioli. We both selected a glass of white wine from their medium-length wine list (steering clear of the bottles listed at $100 and up).

Even after Casey withstood three separate inquiries into the creation of my complicated dish, the most my understanding can attest to accurately is that he was very patient. I should have taken his offer to write it down-menus cannot be taken home since each entree's description is practically the recipe-don't worry Gino, he wasn't giving away your veal secrets to anyone with an apt memory. Besides, there was reason for my curiosity-the meal was stellar, a little large but leftovers are always a welcome bonus. The veal was tender and aromatic-pan-seared to medium-rare with garlic, butter and sage, then topped with Parmesan steamed on top and grilled cherry tomatoes. What I could really be sent to a clinic of addition psychosis for, however, was the mouth-watering risotto. Whatever it is you're doing guys, it's working. And for future restaurant-goers, there are numerous selections either featuring or including the fabulous risotto. The Mama's ravioli was also above-par, not as brown-sugar sweet as some I've tried in the past and good that way. She, however, preferred the floaty, giddy-inducing tiramisu that followed instead, as the dish taught her that squash and ravioli isn't her thing.

After the meal, Casey even came back to our table to specifically thank the Mama for her tip-a courtesy I have never seen before or experienced as a former waitress back in the day. The staff definitely earned their holiday, as the restaurant is currently closed this week-I think Gino should have taken them all to Italy for being so unique, after, of course, sending the recipe for that risotto discreetly to us quiet media-folk here at BW.

-Jen Parsons was taught by her Mama to ask every question thrice.