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Gimme Three Snorts, Mister


Dear gawd that guitar solo in "Free Bird" is long and wanky. Doubly so when you're being subjected to it live and without commercial interruption. So is it any wonder that when 48-year-old Tomas Alvarez of Heyburn went to see the remaining living members of Lynyrd Skynyrd (basically a rhythm guitarist and one of the old T-shirt salesmen) play in Jackpot last Sunday, he took a little pick-me-up to help him stay awake? Given the size of Alvarez's version of a pick-me-up, yes, it is indeed a wonder.

According to a story in the Twin Falls Times News, Alvarez was arrested on Highway 93 between Twin Falls and Jackpot after his driver was pulled over for speeding. An Idaho State Police trooper thought he smelled marijuana in the car, and a subsequent search of the vehicle turned up Alvarez's hefty 88-gram stash of cocaine. He was taken into custody, and the driver, who reportedly was planning on Alvarez buying his ticket to the show, went home.