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Ghostumentary Screens at Boise's Egyptian Sunday Night


Cast and crew of Ghostumentary. - SEAN SMALL
  • Sean Small
  • Cast and crew of Ghostumentary.

It started on Feb. 1, 2015. That's when a group of Boise filmmakers joked they should visit the tiny town of Virginia City, Nev., to check out the Old Washoe Club, where visitors and employees insist they've spotted more than a few ghosts.

Thus begins Ghostumentary, from Boise filmmakers Bill Doty and Sean Small—part-documentary, part-road trip, part-ghost story, all comedy. Ultimately, the trip to Virginia City triggered an eight-month journey including haunted locales in Seattle, San Francisco and even Boise.  

Why spend eight months on the road looking for specters? As the tagline for Ghostumentary states on the marquee of the Egyptian Theatre: "Because everyone wants to catch a ghost."

Doty and Small will debut their film Sunday, Oct. 18 on the big screen at the Egyptian, beginning at 7 p.m. The screening will be part of an evening of entertainment, including a live performance by singer/songwriter Naomi Psalm (composer for the film), a Halloween costume contest and what is promised to be a live ghost hunt at the Egyptian with clairvoyant David Akins. Admission is $12.