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Ghost Written

Local legislator gives new meaning to sub rosa


Those who forget history are condemned to making up stuff and calling it history. --This might well have been said by any number of people, so I don't feel at all uneasy about using it here as an authentic quote, even though there is no evidence anyone ever actually said it.

(Note to reader: I woke up this morning not feeling quite myself. At first, I suspected I was coming down with something. But as soon as I started writing, I realized I had been possessed. The uncanny dreams I'd had in the night were not dreams at all. A presence from either the shadow world of disembodied spirits, or from Canyon County--it's hard to know which--had taken control of my fingers as they skittered over the keyboard. The following is the result of that unnatural infestation--B.C.)

It is a tactic we know all too well. So often, when a patriot refuses to be intimidated out of speaking what is true, the sneering jackals of the media elite run him to ground with ridicule and gnaw at his noble entrails with mockery. Can we ever forgive what they did with our last legitimate president? A laughing stock, they made of him. The butt of a thousand barbs! A caricature! A clown! A cartoon baboon with bowed legs! And all because he might have misspoke a few hundred times.

And now, it's one of our own they torment. One of Idaho's best and brightest, and they are laughing at him, the curs!

We all know the Cranes of Nampa, I'm sure. Ron Crane was state treasurer for 16 years, following eight terms as a conservative stalwart in the Idaho Legislature. His son, Brent, is following in those footsteps, making him the second-generation Crane to feather himself a cozy government nest, largely by condemning government. A family of true Americans, indeed, and we can only hope there are more Crane generations coming who will suckle at the teat of Idaho taxpayers.

However, last week, Brent put his conservative foot in his conservative mouth when he insinuated that Rosa Parks had taken her famous stand (or sit, to be precise) on a public bus in Alabama in order to defend a state's right to treat its citizens any way it so chooses. Likening his own solid Tea Party attitudes to that of Parks' defiance, Crane gallantly declared, "I've reached that point ... that I'm tired of giving in to the federal government."

What Crane said was in the context of his heroic opposition to the curse of Obamacare. But as our legislative leaders have yet to figure out a way to keep liberal reporters and other degenerates out of the room when debating important matters, his comments were made public. After that, need I say, every historical revisionist in the state, along with every carping shrew of a political observer, went after poor young Crane as though he had uttered something remarkably stupid.

Yet throughout the persecution of this brilliant, up-and-coming future political appointee, the most germane possibility has been overlooked. What if Rosa Parks actually was protesting the heavy hand of federal intervention in affairs that properly belong to the states? She wasn't a white person, no, but that doesn't mean we can assume she didn't appreciate visionaries like George Wallace, Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond. Is it so impossible to believe that Parks was adding her voice to an illustrious line of American heroes who have grown "tired of giving in to the federal government?"

Take Cesar Chavez, roughly the same generation as Rosa Parks, and with the same determination to return America to the constitutional principle of Employer Sovereignty. Have we so soon forgotten the sacrifices he made by calling for a nationwide boycott on grapes, all to bring attention to the stranglehold that OSHA (Occupational "Socialism and Heathenism" Administration) had on common working men and women?

Let us also recall how Susan B. Anthony strove throughout her life to get Washington, D.C., bureaucrats and proto-pinkos to end government funding of the vile Planned Parenthood, detested by freedom-loving females for forcing the evils of universal suffrage and public schooling on them. Further back, we have William Clark and Meriwether Lewis leading a handful of Minutemen into the unregulated West because they'd had enough of the jackboots in the EPA telling them what they could and could not do on their own property. (I believe it was Lewis who yelled across the Columbia River to Clark, "Give me liberty, or give me exclusive timber and mining rights!")

Finally, let us never forget that the Founding Fathers, themselves, conceived the federal government for no other purpose than to keep the federal government off the backs of those white male landowners who turned out to be the ancestors of you and I--if not Rosa Parks, exactly.

There are too many great champions of Small Government and Voter Identification Laws to list! Walt Whitman, John Muir, Harriet Tubman, the Stonewall Boys, Natty Bumppo, Walt Disney, Martin Luther ...

(At this point, I could contribute no more. I tore myself away from the keyboard and called this exorcist guy I know. Between him and the half-rack of PBR he brought, the otherworldly presence was driven out and I'm back to normal. I just hope he never come back, whoever he was--B.C.)