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Getting The Most Out of The Last Snow Day at Brundage

Asking the big question at the last minute


Wringing the Slopes Dry

The last day of ski season is bittersweet. The morning snow is chattery and unforgiving, while an hour later, the snow gets so soft you can't tell anymore if you're snow skiing or water skiing. But good snow or not, it's still something we'll miss for the next seven months.

I hit the slopes on the last day of the season for Brundage Mountain Resort, and shared in the bittersweetness with other goggle-tanned ski bums hoping to get the very most from the snow melting beneath their feet. I asked folks to finish one simple sentence to sum it all up: "I ski because..."

"I ski because of the freedom it allows me to enjoy the mountains. I don't really go to, like, a church, but being out here in nature, this is the cathedral that I aspire to." --Steve Wesley, British Columbia

"I ski because I get to hang out with my inner child on the slopes. I'm 27. She's 6. Halloween is the only other time she comes out. And Tour de Fat." --Megan Shellhorn, Boise

"I ski, because. Period. It's everything. I've been skiing for 53 years. These ski boots are from 1984, and they're the best boots I ever had. I'm never giving them up." --Kevin Gray, Council

"I ski because nothing else matters when I shred. Rent, girlfriends, nothing. I will miss the employment, though. Now I have to go get a real job." --Kyle Freeman, McCall

"I ski because it's fun and I like the jumps and I like the speed and the wind. I like all of that. I've been skiing since I was 2. I'm 9 now." --Cory Anderson, Boise