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Get Your Weirdo On at Anime Oasis

Thursday, May 26-Sunday, May 29


Attracting hundreds of outlandish performers and thousands of wide-eyed gawkers, the Boise Curb Cup was the best place in Boise to see weirdos on parade, or even to flaunt your own special brand of weirdness in hopes of making your mark.

But since organizer Mark Rivers decided to cancel the event this year, local weirdophiles and aspiring weirdos need a backup plan. Like say, an anime convention.

Anime fanboys and fangirls' enthusiasm is every bit as zealous and outlandish as that which performance artists have for their own work. Fanboys and girls are known to cavort about dressed as their favorite characters from anime, sci-fi and comic series, reenacting scenes through cosplay. The more obscure and outlandish the costume or scenario, the more cultural capital is gained. They gush over cartoons from childhood, line up for hours to see B-actors from shows and films you've never heard of, and drop obscene amounts of money on memorabilia.

And it just so happens that this week, there's just such a convention: Anime Oasis.

In addition to vendors and booths, this year's convention will feature numerous events including formal and informal socials, roller discos, a music video contest, a fashion show and a swimsuit contest. In the cosplay department, there's Battle Cosplay (a live-action, role-playing team battle with dice determining outcomes), as well as Chess Cosplay, which will be a life-sized game of chess.

There will also be a panel discussion with renowned voice actors from Dragonball Z and a chance to meet Jason David Frank, best known for his role as The Green Ranger in The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series and movies.

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