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Get Your Travel On With Get-Going Guru Rick Steves

Sunday, March 4


Devoted followers of travel guru Rick Steves are called Ricknicks, and on Sunday, March 4, those Ricknicks can listen to their hero speak about his journeys abroad.

Steves' travel philosophy is centered on the variety of experiences a person can seek while in other countries. He believes the moments spent in a pub on the Faroe Islands with a local will be more memorable than sightseeing one city to the next.

The books he writes have become the basis of an incredibly successful product line with everything from travel luggage to guide trips and a television show on PBS.

Steves' Boise lecture will offer advice on finding more meaning in travel adventures. He'll talk about how to trust yourself when stepping off the tour bus, leaving behind the tour guide and how much more exciting traveling can be when we ditch the guidebooks and simply wander.

Steves' guides provide helpful outlines for vacation and are useful when looking for places to stay and eat. But Steves himself is most often found explaining how travel is a privilege and there are many aspects to respectful traveling.

A central idea in Steves' writings is to always be the traveler you'd want to meet. Steves also teaches readers that they can choose the pieces of home they carry and leave behind, in an effort to avoid furthering negative stereotypes of American tourists.

Tickets are getting scarce for Steves' Boise appearance and are available only by making a pledge donation to Idaho Public Television by calling 208-373-7220. Only limited seating is still available, and although there may be a chance that a few tickets will be for sale at the door on the day of the event, organizers aren't making any promises.