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Get Stoned Pot Free at The Lakeside Lavender Festival

Saturday, July 9-Sunday, July 10 at


According to scientist Tiffany Field of the University of Miami School of Medicine, lavender aroma has been shown in humans to "slow down heart rate, slow blood pressure and put you in a parasympathetic state, which is a relaxed state." Basically, lavender makes you feel stoned.

If you've ever made the trek out to Nampa for the Lakeside Lavender Farm U-Cut Festival, you know what we mean. One minute you're skipping Red Riding Hood-style through a purple-speckled field, and the next you have lavender ice cream smeared across your face and you're giggling about how hilarious the words "body butter" are.

The seventh-annual festival will take place this year on Saturday, July 9, and Sunday, July 10, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Lakeside Lavender Farm, 1002 W. Locust Lane, Nampa. In addition to a spacey lavender buzz, here's what you can expect at the festival: you-cut lavender bundles for $6 a pop, lavender products like essential oils, eye pillows, soaps and body butters (tee hee); a gourmet lavender-inspired lunch from Brick 29 Bistro; classes on propagating, harvesting and cooking with lavender; and horse-drawn wagon rides from Dreamerz Carriage Co.