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Get Some Eclectic Style at Broadway Vintage

Store is a treasure trove of home goods from yesteryear.


Joel and Rebecca Wolfe recently purchased a mid-century home. Not content to fill it with microfiber sofas and cheap Ikea shelving, the two set out to find mid-century modern furniture to match the house's vintage aesthetic. And that's how they met Mike Templeman.

A recent Boise transplant, Templeman briefly ran an appointment-only vintage store on Broadway Avenue.

"I actually moved from Portland, [Ore.], to here hoping to start something with furniture," said Templeman. "I've always had the passion for it."

After selling the Wolfes a few pieces of furniture, Templeman became fast friends with Joel. On a road trip to pick up more vintage goods in Salt Lake City, Joel made a business proposal.

"He brought up the idea of us maybe going in together and getting a place," said Templeman. "A week later, we did."

That place, Broadway Vintage, opened its doors in December 2011. Brimming with sleek couches, starburst clocks and amoeba-shaped coffee tables, the store is an affordable haven for vintage furniture enthusiasts.

Broadway Vintage will host a grand-opening party on Friday, Jan. 13, in collaboration with neighbor Devotion Tattoo.

"Devotion Tattoo is doing their Friday the 13th event, when they have $13 tattoos and body piercings, and they're having a taco truck and stuff," explained Rebecca. "So we're kind of piggybacking with them."