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Get Ready to Groove at the Hillbilly Riot Street Dance

Saturday, May 26


All right, you anti-social closet dance fanatic, turn off your Xbox Kinect and stop with the Dance Dance Revolution—it's time to get out, enjoy some fresh air and the company of friendly folks.

The second annual Hillbilly Riot Street Dance will fill the Idaho City's Main Street Saturday, May 26. Last year's event was more Gene Kelly than Jed Clampett on account of the dreary weather, but throngs of people were still singin'—and of course dancin'—in the rain.

What exactly is a street dance, you may ask? Pretty much exactly what the name implies: a chance to dance in the street without having to be completely intoxicated, and sans the threat of getting taken out by a car.

This year's event will feature music by Dakota Mad Band, Last Man Standing and the Juke Daddys. In addition to tunes and stellar moves, the street dance will also feature vendors selling wares like blown glass, massage products and jewelry. Give-aways and drink specials will add to your hill-billy riotous good time.

All ages are welcome, so throw your kids and dancing shoes in the car and head out on a mini, less-than-an-hour road trip with some pretty scenery.