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Get Online, Or Get Left Out


As is the way of things in the newspaper business these days, and as I have been saying again and again for the last 18 months, if you're only reading the printed version of Boise Weekly, you're only getting a fraction of what we're up to every week.

Take, for example, this week's News feature on the Affordable Care Act. Log on to boiseweekly.com, look for that same story online and you'll find a video companion piece put together on the streets of Boise.

Or, take Promenade Music Festival, for example. Between Picks, 8 Days Out, Noise and the Guide, there's plenty of info on where to find who when at the inaugural event. But log on to Cobweb and you'll find daily updates on featured bands with completely fabricated yet still completely hilarious questionnaires from said bands. On a side note, nearly all of those profiles sport videos from the featured band and it's damn impressive just how many local bands have their shit together with the music video. Claps all around.

Still not convinced? How about a slideshow preview of work from the BOSCO artists participating in the weekend open studios event Oct. 9-10. First find the work that speaks to you, then plan your BOSCO walkabout accordingly.

New to the tangled web world of boiseweekly.com is an "interactive" Mail feature. I get copious amounts of mail. Letters to the Editor are not only far more numerous than the meager little print space for them allows each week, but many are often way, way over the maximum word length for mail. Hence the reason there's a word count--print space is finite, friends. A few months back I started publishing letters that would never see newsprint in special, sporadic online editions. Now it's time to get more serious about it. Many of the online letters, like this week's contribution from Rep. Brian Cronin about his cheeky Best of Boise award, really deserved column inches but simply missed the print deadline. Other letters, like this week's contribution from one cranky reader who has clearly not picked up a Boise Weekly all summer, are where the "interactive" part comes in. In other words, readers take the time to ask dumb questions, I take the time to answer. It's a game I'm quite looking forward to.

Finally, good luck reaching us next week. About one-third of BW's staff is taking the whole week off, but don't worry, we'll get back to you the following week.