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Get Off Your Keister at the Moving Planet Rally

Saturday, Sept. 24 at the Statehouse


It's easy to avoid using fossil fuels when thousands of people around the world are setting an example by cycling with you. That's the idea behind Moving Planet Day, an event organized to bring awareness to fossil-fuel dependency around the world.

Globally, scientists generally agree that fossil fuels--primarily coal and oil--are the cause of climate change. They also cause air, water and land pollution and muck up the planet for generations to come. Moving Planet has set a goal of getting the world's carbon footprint below 350 parts per million, a number backed by researchers, including NASA scientists.

Moving Planet Day helps to draw political attention to this issue. In Boise, the Snake River Alliance is teaming up with to organize a bike rally through downtown, which will be "making stops at all the key energy decision-makers' headquarters to demand steps toward a future free of fossil fuels." The parade will gather at the Capitol steps at noon on Saturday, Sept. 24. For more info, contact Lisa Young at

And outside of Boise, Move Nampa is organizing an event that's one part educational rally and one part street fair. Starting at Nampa City Hall at 2 p.m., participants will make their way to 18th Avenue South for food and live music, all in the name of sustainability.

Moving Planet Day is intended for enjoyment, but ultimately, it is a push for increased human-powered activity like walking, biking, skateboarding, dancing and using our bodies for what they were intended: movement.

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