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Get Moving With Speedbump Neo-Burlesque

Wednesday, Feb. 22-Thursday, Feb. 23

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Speed bumps are generally used to slow you down, but Speedbump, a four-person burlesque troupe hailing from Seattle, will get you moving.

Speedbump's 10-city Neo-Burlesque Road Trip (a term that puts fantastic images in our minds) will include a Wednesday, Feb. 22, workshop at Fatty's Bar and a Thursday, Feb. 23, show at the Balcony Club.

Randi Rascal, Luminous Pariah, Wiggy Stardust and Paris Original will provide three hours of instruction and demonstrations on technique, character development, moving and costuming--but leave your notepads at home; this is an interactive workshop. According to Brandi Benson of local burlesque troupe Hot Mess Burlesque, the workshop "will provide confidence, whether it be for use in a personal bedroom or walking in heels."

Speedbumps describes its brand of performance on its Facebook page as "irreverent, political, genre-blending and gender-bending," and seeks "to highlight the most thrilling aspects of the neo-burlesque movement. Drag, Dance, Performance Art, and Anthropology come together in an edgy spectacle."

That edgy spectacle will be on display at the Balcony Club, when the visiting troupe is accompanied by Hot Mess, including the deadly yet delicious-sounding Cyanide Cupcake, Laydee Bravado, Miss Bobbi Pins, Whispering Ted and Mimi ma Shuga.