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Get Killer Holiday Decorations

Shiny grenade ornaments are the perfect addition to your Christmas tree.


Christmas decorating is a competitive sport. Take, for example, the exterior-light junkies who make the Boise Foothills glow brighter than a wildfire. Or that one Christmas crazy in every neighborhood, who thinks an inflatable lawn snowman is the pinnacle of good taste.

If you're a less-is-more holiday decorator, Flying M's shiny faux-grenades are the perfect thing to hang on the tabletop tree you bought half-off at Walgreens last year.

But before you get all gaspy at the thought of weapons of violence associated with the season of peace and love, calm down. Every purchase includes a contribution to Ctrl.Alt.Shift, an experimental initiative working for the admittedly broad ideas of social justice and global change through art and music. The grenades serve as a reminder of global conflict and those victimized by it, which is what Ctrl.Alt.Shift works to fight against.

So, yes, these ornaments are funny, a little kitschy and slightly shocking. But just like that aunt who gives the most thoughtful gifts before burying her nose in eggnog and crooning Neil Diamond karaoke renditions, there's a good intention behind the silliness.