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Local volunteer opportunities


Boise is home to numerous nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving quality of life for us all.

Do your part. Get involved by volunteering at one of the following NPOs. The benefits are numerous. Not only does the organization get much needed help, but you can walk through the world knowing you are actually doing something to better our society instead of being one of those curmudgeons who constantly complains but never actually does anything productive.

Volunteering can also enhance your education. Majoring in sociology? Volunteer with the Agency for New Americans and get firsthand experience with people from different cultures integrating into American society. Majoring in art? Volunteer with Artfaire and help bring the art experience to disadvantaged kids. Majoring in biology? Volunteer with Idaho Rivers United or Sierra Club and see ecosystems in action.

Volunteering is a good thing: Get experience, make connections, learn about the real world from something other than a textbook and rack up some good karma.

Put your talents to good use at some of the following worthwhile agencies.