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Get in on Some Revolt Revolt Revelry

Locals hit Record Exchange and Neurolux


When Boise Weekly caught up with local musician Chris Bock in May, he and his Revolt Revolt bandmates were wrapping up a new EP, Wild Unraveling (4:44; Aug. 4, 2015). It has been a few years since Revolt Revolt released new music and with Wild Unraveling, the band "built on steady tempos, roaring guitars and plaintive tunes of its earlier releases." Bock said although Revolt Revolt had recorded a full-length album's worth of music, the band didn't have the tracks and didn't want to wait for them. Instead the band recorded new songs, a process that went more smoothly than Bock might have expected.

"I have to say, it was probably one of the funnest records—if not the funnest—that I've done," he said.

Be part of the Revolt Revolt revelry this week with two Wild Unraveling release shows. The first is a free, all-ages, special release preview at Record Exchange on Wednesday, Aug. 5. Then, ratchet up the fun again on Friday, Aug. 8, at Neurolux.