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Get Down With Your Bad Self


And by that we mean "bad" only in the fun-loving kind of way. As the saying goes, some rules are made to be broken and so are New Year's resolutions. Because most of the time, you're OK just the way you are. Right? So forget your empty promises to stop eating, drinking, doing whatever it was that made you think you were having a little too much fun in the first place, and celebrate your wicked/charming self at the Linen Building during the 2011 Broken Resolutions Ball.

Musicians Interstate, Inner City Wildlife and Brianne Gray and the Jake VP Band will provide the dance tunes. You provide the guilt-free, feel-good moves. And don't forget to partake in the Pie Hole pizza and full bar while you're there. What's a little pizza and booze after you've already made up your mind to not sweat the small stuff?

All ages are welcome, so in addition to your best playmates, you can bring your younger cousins/co-workers/family friends and introduce them to the sort of debauchery you relish. Then, when it comes time to make and break those New Year's resolutions again next year, you'll have even more good company whose self-control is a little bit questionable.