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Get a Taste of the World at Dunia Marketplace's Fundraiser

Saturday, March 10


Savor the World is a fundraiser for Dunia Marketplace, which has been a prominent community organization in historic Hyde Park for more than a decade. The nonprofit fair-trade store will welcome the public to experience a cultural event reflecting its good doings.

Sip local beer and wine, get a taste of international cuisine and enjoy music from around the globe. Featured artisans will share stories and display works for a silent auction. But even if you don't walk away with your favorite piece, you can still take home one of the Sustainable Futures event glasses.

For the past 16 years, Dunia Marketplace has supported local and international artisans from 39 developing countries, hence the event's $39 ticket price—$1 for every country represented.

Savor the World is an opportunity for Boise citizens to experience myriad cultures without packing a bag.