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Get a Lesson in Vino at Wine Wise Labs' Wine 101

Thursday, May 31


Vintners create all manner of varieties of the fermented drink we know as wine. Our region of the Gem State nurses a healthy interest in the beverage, with vineyards popping up in the Snake River Valley in spades, vino poured at all manner of social events and frequent sightings of Boise denizens with purple lips.

But some Treasure Valley citizens may require a much-needed primer on the history and basic ins and outs of wines and winemaking. That's where Wine Wise Labs in Garden City comes in with its educational event, Wine 101: From Grapes to Glass.

The drink's roots trace back to early references to winemaking as a gift from the gods. The Mycenaean Greeks—the same culture that created the myth of the drink-swilling hedonist Dionysus—reference alcoholic beverages as examples of divine intervention. No doubt countless toasts have been raised and lips whet through the years in tribute to this paragon of booze.

The Wine 101 class includes tastings of five classic varieties with guided discussion on the intricacies of the drink. Those new to wine or seeking nitty gritty details are ripe for the class, which costs $35 per person. Classes are limited to 20 in order to keep things intimate and the vino flowing, so pre-registration is encouraged.