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Get a Juggaload of This

ICP Covers Mozart and More


Juggalos, rejoice. Everyone else, bemoan. Insane Clown Posse, the world's foremost duo of evangelical Christian killer-clowns from planet Detroit, is in the news twice this week.

First for the truly unexpected lineup on the new ICP single, "Leck Mich Im Arsch." The track features Jack White, formerly of The White Stripes, helping Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope reboot Mozart. The track will be released by White's Third Man Records on iTunes on Tuesday, Sept. 13. It should go without saying that it will be the best song ever.

The other reason is that ICP is coming back to Boise to perform on Monday, Oct. 3, at Knitting Factory, which means downtown will be overrun with hooligans in face paint for the evening. We'll let you decide which piece of ICP news is more unsettling.

Moving from the insane to the illegal, the Gibson Guitar Corporation was raided by federal marshals for suspicion of trafficking in wood that was obtained illegally.

Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewicz told NPR that federal marshals "came in, evacuated our factory, shut down production, sent our employees home and confiscated wood."

It was not the first time the company has been raided by the feds. A shipment of ebony from Madagascar bound for Gibson was seized in November 2009. Both raids were in response to the Lacey Act, a law to protect endangered species.

A fiery press release from Gibson called the raid "bullying" and said that the Lacey Act isn't about conservation but about observing the laws of the country where the wood is procured. "This law reads that you are guilty if you did not observe a law even though you had no knowledge of that law in a foreign country," it read.

"Our business has been injured to millions of dollars," Juszkiewicz told NPR. "And we don't even have a court we can go to and say, 'Look, here's our position.'"

As Gibson has yet to be formally charged, the U.S. Justice Department will not comment on the case.

And moving from wood to iron, Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson may sing to run to the hills but when tragedy actually strikes, he flies to an island. Dickinson extended the offer of a free ride home on Iron Maiden's 757 to Icelandic citizens stranded in America after Hurricane Irene. In addition to his duties as wailer-in-chief, he also pilots planes for Astraeus Airlines.

No word yet on what the in-flight music will be. But if you're the gambling sort, it's a fair bet it won't be Justin Bieber.