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Get a First Look at the Proposed Highlands Elementary School


In March 2018, Boise learned that Highlands Elementary School was scheduled to be razed. The decision caused some public outcry—at 57 years old, the building is considered by some to be historic—but on Monday, Jan. 14, the Boise City Planning & Zoning Commission will likely vote in favor of a conditional use permit for a new structure.

Designed by Hutchison Smith Architects, the 42,224-square-foot structure will be substantially larger than today's 26,246-square-foot school. The current building was deemed by the Boise School District to be too small, and in recent years, the school expanded into several portable classrooms nearby—a situation that the district criticized as overcrowded and inadequate. The site will also include improved parking accommodations and bike/pedestrian paths to optimize traffic circulation as parents drop off and pick up their children from school.

- Check out the exterior facade of the new Highlands Elementary School. -  - HUTCHISON SMITH ARCHITECTS
  • Hutchison Smith Architects
  • Check out the exterior facade of the new Highlands Elementary School.
The plan complies with all current regulatory standards, with the exception of a variance for the parking area in the front of the building, which is the issue that has been set before the Planning & Zoning Commission. The item has been placed in the commission's consent agenda, and is likely to pass with little or no discussion.