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Geology Field Trip

Saturday, May 24


Geology may have seemed like a boring class choice back in college, but it was one of the only science classes one could suffer through without doing any math or dissecting a once-living creature. Turns out, it's pretty interesting. Interesting enough to road trip with a copy of the Geology of Idaho guidebook on your front seat.

Here's your chance to discover the history of the earth we walk on every day, never thinking about why it is the way it is. The Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology will host a field trip into Owyhee County on Saturday, open to anyone. A professor of the College of Western Idaho will lead the trip through Kane Springs and Reynolds Creek, examining the Cretaceous Silver City Batholith, Miocene sediments and pillow basalt eruptions in Lake Idaho, and rhyolites cut by a fault line.

There's some off-trail hiking, so wear good shoes and maybe bring a walking stick and some snacks. Registration is the day of, in the WinCo Parking lot at the I-84 Meridian Road exit at 7:30 a.m. Departure is at 8 a.m. Plan to be back in Boise by 5 p.m. and go learn about nature.