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Geographer to Chart Boise

Wednesday, Jan. 16, Neurolux


Though San Francisco trio Geographer wields traditional indie-rock staples like guitar and bass, the band does most of its exploring with bouncy bouts of synth and cello.

Cellist Nathan Blaz and drummer Brian Ostreicher man an array of synth boards, but it's frontman Mike Deni's falsetto that makes Geographer's music dreamlike. All of these elements combine to form both the cheery, dance-groove tracks on the band's 2010 EP, Animal Shapes, and the more brooding, melancholic numbers on its 2012 full-length, Myth. On the song, "Kites," Deni sings: "Pile lover upon lover / 'til we're covered with skin."

After early successes, Geographer signed with New York's Modern Art Records in 2011 and played Austin, Texas's SXSW in 2012. Now the gang is charting a path to Boise's Neurolux, Wednesday, Jan. 16.