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Sushi for the Sushi Hater

It hardly seems possible that more than a year has passed since I've been forced to write about the opening of a restaurant serving pizza or sushi. (All three people who read this column may remember a Food News of the false in which hachimaki-wearing emopunks battled dough-throwin' pizza dudes for bragging rights over which cuisine would officially become the city's most popular.) But since we've recently lost a sushi joint, and I'm in the market for a new lunchtime sushi joint due to repeatedly enduring excruciatingly poor service at my usual sushi haunt, I'm very pleased to report that there's a new alternative in town.

And it's one for the non-sushi lover in your life, too.

Genki Bistro opened last Wednesday with a concept that's about as fusion as it gets with choices like hot wing and Reuben rolls. Yep, that's sushi—nori and rice all rolled up—with innards that are more recognizable to the eater who steers clear of Japan's uncooked delicacies. Ditch the bread on your BLT and get a bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado roll. Forget hamachi and ahi and go Greek with hummus, feta and olives, or Cajun with sausage, carrots and green peppers. No worries for you unagi-, maguro-, tako-types, Genki serves it raw, too, but the idea is more all-encompassing than simply cashing in on the valley's current sushi craze. Instead, Genki's idea is to offer quality, healthy food that's fast and affordable, with a selection of sushi, salads and hot entrees. Order to go, relax on the patio or grab something already made from the deli selection.

Genki Bistro, 404 E. Parkcenter Blvd. Ste. 200, 208-336-3000,

A Three-pack of Boxers For a Chicka-Dilly Filly

Ten years is a flash in the pan when considering the longevity of the world's oldest profession, but for a small business owner, it's a pretty darn good run. And that's why George Blumenschein, owner and operator of Deli George, jokes he's celebrating his restaurant's 10th anniversary by trading food for donations for the Idaho Foodbank and the Boise Rescue Mission—because as a small business owner, you're always a day away from destitution.

Humor aside, Deli George really is celebrating its 10th anniversary on August 16 with a food-for-donation day. Customers who bring in razors, underwear, bedding, baby products, winter clothes, food, or other much needed donations for either the Idaho Foodbank or the Boise Rescue Mission can trade for one of George's between two pieces of bread creations. For those who prefer to spend their hard earned cash on a sandwich, it's also customer appreciation day with free cookies and beverages. Donations accepted 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Deli George, 5602 Fairview Ave., 208-323-2582,

The Restaurant Formerly Known as Koi: Tacabi

After legal issues required that Japanese restaurant Koi change its name, the Eighth Street eatery offered up a $500 gift certificate to the Treasure Valley resident who won a contest to create a new name. And the winner is ... drumroll, please ... Peter Fretwell, whose entry, "Tacabi Asian Grill and Sushi Lounge," beat out 300 other suggestions. What's in a name? The first two letters of each owner's name: Ta(mmy), Ca(rlos), Bi(lly). Congrats, Peter.

800 W. Idaho St., Ste. 112, 208-343-3474,