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Gem State and Gem Stones

Idaho State Historic Museum looks at what makes Idaho great


If you have boots--or in this weather, wellies--meant for walkin', put those bad boys on and let them do their thing this First Thursday.

Start with a look into what makes our great state shine with "Essential Idaho: 150 Things that Make the Gem State Unique" at Idaho State Historical Museum. The exhibit is full of artifacts, items and information--the headdress of Lemhi-Shoshone Chief Tendoy, items that belonged to Chinese pioneer Polly Bemis and more--that remind us our history is more rich and varied than we may realize. Go from learning to living Idaho history by dressing up as famed explorers Lewis and Clark, building your own capitol building or, because it wouldn't be truly Idaho without tubers, posing inside a giant baked potato. The exhibit has been open since spring but closes soon, so see and experience "Essential Idaho" before it's history.

After all that learnin', you deserve a special treat. R. Grey Gallery is hosting a special show with Jewelry by Cari. Cari and Rory Streeter create sweet pieces: charms, bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings--some with diamond accents--in 14-karat gold and sterling silver. The pieces (particularly the charms) are charming enough in their simplicity, but what makes the Streeters' work special is not only do they come in a variety of shapes--circles, four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, dog-tag rectangles, stars, etc.--they handstamp pieces with initials or words like "love," "adore," "live," "laugh," "luck" and "XOXO." Many of the pieces currently at R. Grey are already stamped, but for three days, starting First Thursday, Rory (and hopefully Cari) will be at the gallery on a stop of a nationwide trunk show tour, hand-setting diamond accents and offering custom handstamping while you wait.

R. Grey Gallery manager Emily Green said they only recently started carrying the JBC line and it has been incredibly popular, in part because customers can mix and match charms to create a unique statement piece.