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Gay Glossary

Whether gay or straight, if you have managed to live in modern day culture without frequently hearing slang terms like gaydar, drag queen or fag hag, this short list of not-so-well-known terms about the gay community will really "kick you out of the closet." For those unwitting few, the previous three terms are included as well. No inclusions are meant to be derogatory or disparaging, but rather for educational value.

Abigail: A nickname for a middle-aged gay man whose is still in the closet, or who has a conservative approach to love and life. (think Will of Will and Grace)

A piece of Navy cake: A gay sailor. ("In the Navy ... ")

Basher: Someone who physically or verbally assaults a homosexual solely because they are gay.

Closet Case: Refers to someone who is (typically) gay and not admitting their sexuality. (Fantasizing about favorite celebrities as closet cases is reportedly a favorite pastime.)

Coming out: Used to describe when a person "comes out of the closet." Coming out involves telling friends and family that you are a homosexual.

Drag Queen: A gay man with way too much fashion sense for his gender who dresses up as a woman. Usually a performer in clubs, lip-synching or singing.

Dyke: A lesbian. Can be used in a derogatory fashion.

Fag Hag: A heterosexual female who surrounds herself with gay men as friends. A straight male who enjoys the company of gay men is a Fag Stag. A straight male who enjoys the company of lesbians is known as a dyke tyke.

Family: A code word implying someone is homosexual, as in, "You think he is family?"

Fruit Fly: Same as a fag hag.

Flaming Queen: A gay man, outrageous in his feminine characteristics both in private and in public. Also referred to as simply a flame or flamer.

Friend Of Dorothy: A gay man, referencing the many gay men who were devout fans of Judy Garland. Her death was strongly felt in the gay community and for some was reportedly one of the causes behind the Stonewall Riots.

Gay: The word "Gay" has been used in the English language for hundreds of years meaning happy and exuberant. But it was only after the homosexual community began using it as a descriptive code to identify other members of their community did its meaning change. Officially, that date can be identified as 1953 when the meaning switched.

Gaydar: Internal radar instinct for detecting who is, or is not, gay.

Gender: Homosexual men and women often refer to each other with cross-gender terms, for example, referring to a gay man as "She."

Girl Scout: A forlorn or lonesome soldier on leave.

Homophobe: (See basher)

Joe Blow: A gay man hailing from a small town.

Killer Queen: A homosexual in the military when in combat. Originated in the Vietnam War.

LGBTQ: Acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. (Just in case you don't want to leave anyone out.)

Lipstick Lesbian: A homosexual female who exhibits very feminine qualities.

Mary: A name used by gay men with one another as a substitution for someone's real name.

Queen Bee: A wealthy woman who surrounds herself with young homosexual men.

Twink: A derogatory term for a younger gay man who tends to be thin and preppy.

Zhush: Making something striking or flamboyant.

-"And there you have it," to quote the ultimate queen himself, Freddie Mercury.