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Garth Brooks Performs with the Sun Valley Summer Symphony


Garth Brooks came out of retirement last year even though he should have enough money to get by--he's sold nearly 130 million albums and broken numerous industry records for attendance. He's the best selling solo artist in United States history.

Brooks will perform with the Sun Valley Summer Symphony at the Sun Valley Pavilion on Sunday, Aug. 1. The concert will be a one- of-a-kind event because Brooks rarely performs alongside a full orchestra.

The concert is the result of a year's worth of negotiations between the Brooks' camp and the people at Wynn Hotels. Steve Wynn, owner of the luxurious Wynn hotel franchise, is a Sun Valley resident and supporter of the Sun Valley Pavilion. Last year, Brooks agreed to come out of retirement to perform a series of concerts at the Wynn Las Vegas. This year, he signed on to perform in Sun Valley to benefit the symphony.

Sunday, Aug. 1, 6:30 p.m., G.A., SOLD OUT; lower orchestra, $500; Sun Valley Pavilion, Sun Valley, 208-622-5607,