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Garden City Smoothie Joint Takes Over Spitshade Tattoo


  • Courtesy Rise & Grind Nutrition
The small white building on Sixth Street that used to be home to Spitshade Tattoo is getting a major makeover for its new tenant—which is no surprise, considering it’s not another tattoo parlour, but a Minnesota-based smoothie shop that’s taking over the space.

“The tattoo place really stuck out to us, because I feel like it’s quirky a little bit, and our business is different, I feel like, than other businesses,” said Liz Hendricks, who owns Rise & Grind Nutrition with her husband, Max. The couple currently sells smoothies and offers free nutrition coaching to customers who use their products at a Rise & Grind location in Garden City, but Hendricks said their company also has outposts in their home state of Minnesota, and Arkansas.

“We were excited to go into a different type of building, where it has a little bit of character,” she added. “It’s been around forever, and everybody knows where that tattoo shop was when you say ‘the old tattoo shop.’”

Rise & Grind’s menu is as atypical as its new location. Rather than offering one-off smoothies, the shop sells $8-$10.50 “Combos” that include an aloe shot (cranberry or mango flavored), an herbal or high-energy “tea-bomb” tea and a smoothie, which customers can pick from a list of 42 flavor options including many dessert-themed blends like Cherry Dilly Bar and Peanut Butter Waffle. Taken together, the drinkable trio can replace a full meal.

“The smoothies are all about balanced nutrition. They’re 200 calories, 24 grams of protein, they’ll keep you nice and full for a good three hours or more, and they’re fully customizable. So people can, if they’re on any sort of nutrition plan, customize for how much protein they want, how much fiber they want, and then we also have some other cool additives as well,” Hendricks said.

One thing missing from the menu is the sort of kale-heavy green smoothie that has become ubiquitous at other local spots like Tree City Juice and Smoothie Cafe, and Fresh Healthy Cafe. When asked why she chose to focus on sweet flavors, Hendricks said her smoothies were designed to help customers satisfy their cravings for a favorite dessert or cereal without having to suffer the consequences of “bad nutrition.”

When Rise & Grind opens at 211 S. Sixth Street on Wednesday, May 9, after just 45 days of renovation, it will be hardly recognizable as the tattoo shop it used to be. The Hendricks have taken down walls, updated the plumbing and added ADA access to the bathroom, but they’ve also given the space an entirely new aesthetic, featuring bright, fresh paint on the walls, exposed brick, and a mix of bistro tables and bar seating that will invite customers to either grab and go or sit and linger. Hendricks said she and her husband want their new location to be a happy, high-energy space that immediately feels like home.

“That tattoo sign that hangs down, we’re going to have a sign there that says ‘Be Happy,’” she said. “So we hopefully we can spread some positivity around the community too.”

Rise & Grind will be open Mondays-Fridays from 7 a.m.-2 p.m., and Saturdays from 8 a.m.-1 p.m., while the Hendricks get their bearings in the downtown market, but longer hours may soon follow. The couple eventually hopes to expand the company, opening 20 or more Boise-area stores in the next few years.