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Garden City Predator Just Won't Learn


A Boise man will spend between 25 and 999 years in prison for molesting a 4-year-old girl last summer while living in her Garden City home. He had already served 10 years in the Idaho State Correctional Institution for the same crime, but his victim's family didn't know of his history.

Shane Sloan, 38, will not be eligible for parole until 2030, after his second conviction of lewd conduct with a minor under 16. According to Ada County prosecutors, he had been convicted in 1992 of molesting a 3-year-old while being taken in by a similarly big-hearted family. While he was a registered sex offender, he didn't tell the family of his 4-year-old victim of his criminal history.

In handing down the sentence, Fourth District Judge Darla Williamson said a life-or, according to court records, 999-year-sentence was necessary to protect other children from Sloan. "Unless I impose a tough sentence, this is going to happen again," she said. "They had sympathy, they took you into their home, they didn't know you were a pedophile and you did the unimaginable to their daughter."

Citizens who, like the Garden City family, have a predisposition for helping hard-luck cases like Sloan, are reminded to check out any of Idaho's numerous free resources meant to track convicted sex offenders. First, the Ada County Sheriffs Department Web site lists the current addresses of offenders in three separate databases, sortable by zip code, street name or offender name. In case that search doesn't turn up any dirt, the Ada County courthouse also features a bank of computers on which the recent criminal activities of thousands of Treasure Valley residents are available. A single search of Sloan's name on one of those computers would have shown the uninformed family over two dozen separate offenses by the 38-year-old ne'er do well-everything from lewd conduct to contempt of court to fireworks violations.