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Garden City Bootleggers Repeal Day Celebration

Raise a glass to legal drinking


The 13 years of Prohibition (1920-1933), when alcohol was banned in the United States, have been romanticized almost since they ended—references to speakeasies and bootleggers still abound in modern culture. However, most people who lived through prohibition would likely say the best thing about it was the day that it ended, and Boise area brewers couldn't agree more. Join self-styled bootleggers from Cinder Wines, Split Rail Winery, Bella Brewing, Barbarian Brewing, Meriwether Cider, County Line Brewing and Powderhaus Brewing Company to celebrate the 84th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition. Shuttles will help those feeling particularly celebratory get home safe, and Cinder Wines is offering drink specials to anyone in period costume.

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