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Galactic, Aug. 13, Knitting Factory

The funk will be brought


To suggest funk music is enjoying a rebirth would be to imply it had ever lain dormant. Elements of funk can still be found in contemporary music: listen to Black Joe Lewis' latest release or almost anything from Usher. Though it may not be as prevalent as it once was, there are still bands putting a funky backbeat on everything they do, like Galactic, a collective of New Orleanians that can turn a party into a carnival--or Carnivale, as in the case of Galactic's 2012 release Carnivale Electricos (ANTI Records). In the two decades since the band formed, Galactic's music evolved, incorporating jazz, hip-hop, soul, blues and more, all while staying true to its roots. What the band hadn't done was make a carnival album, a rite of passage for many New Orleans musicians. Galactica put every bit of itself and its home into Carnivale Electricos (Anti Records), a celebration of the Crescent City and, as the band states on its website, "a cross-section of what's happening in contemporary New Orleans." Prepare to get your carnival on.